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Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving Day. Snow, that is

Winter came roaring back after two days of January thaw. So much snow fell, in fact, and it was heavy snow with high water content, that it took the tractor to truly move it.

Now, before one of you bright sparks reading this tells me that snow must have a high water content, being made of,  well, water... let me introduce you to Winter up close and personal.

Dry snow is light and fluffy, the water content has refined itself into just the crystals which are the smallest, lightest, fluffiest you can find. It piles up fast, and is relatively easy to move.

Wet snow is closely related to rain, it's unwelcome winter cousin. There is a lot of unfrozen moisture in those bigger, fatter (can snow be fat?) flakes which stick together to fall in a heavy, sodden mass that makes for fabulous snowballs, snowmen, snowforts but is sticky on the shovel and tends to be a pain in the butt to move.

So, we had the wet snow variety. Today, what is falling in the colder (much colder) weather is the Dry snow variety.

But on Sunday, it was wet.  Taffy went out to be sure Brian didn't need any assistance cleaning up the driveways.

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  1. I can imagine just how tough that is to move!

    It's much, much colder here too. Nice for getting the Canal in final shape.