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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sun Up, Mercury Down

This was, we are told, the coldest day so far this year.  True for you, it was 30 below this morning before the sun managed to climb up the
horizon and knock that back up a few degrees.  All the same, I can remember plenty of winters when the mercury dropped to 40 below and just sort of got stuck there for a week at a time, so telling me it is abnormally cold may not carry that much weight.

Grandfather Joseph wrote in his diary, in the 19-teens, "52 Below. A GRAND Day"

Maybe not, considering that water had to be hand carried to the barn for the livestock and the toilet was located in the lilac bush in an unheated privy...  all the same, those early Muskokans were made of stern stuff.

So too are some of our guests. We have a group here this week -- they were all out skiing by 8.30 in the morning!  If you are properly dressed for the conditions, and are not just standing around lamenting 'Wow, it's cold!' winter is not only bearable but great fun.  Of course, you do need to layer, you do need to abandon fashion for appropriate gear, and you do need to keep moving...

Except for those moments when you simply have to stop and admire the view.

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  1. It was minus 27 this morning in Ottawa, so probably colder in the night, with a windchill. Definitely time for wearing layers.

    Beautiful pics!