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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gold loves Yellow

 this if for all of you who spend hours and hours and $$$$ ripping up dandelions, cursing at them, swearing, moaning about them.

Lighten up.

Dandelions are the primary food source for honey bees in the spring. They are among the first flowers that actually provide sufficient nectar and that the bees can access. So, given that we have (as a species) pretty much trashed out the honey bees that we rely on to pollinate our food, perhaps we should give a moment's thought to that little fact.

They are also the primary food source for these glorious American goldfinches. They cheer up any day when they arrive. Our lawns swarm with them - given the size of the lawns here, it is impossible to wage war on dandelions. We have learned to live with them. They are hardy in drought conditions, provide food to various species that we consider critical to share our planet, brighten up the endless green with stabs of brilliant colour, and make a pretty nifty wine. They are also tasty in salads, very healthy for you.  My dad would have fainted dead away to discover that some supermarkets carry dandelion greens, with hefty price tags.  Our lawn is a cash crop...

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  1. I've always liked dandelions, and they're not around that long to begin with...