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Friday, July 12, 2013

Starting the Day

 Thursdays at Bondi mean the Marathon Swim. Usually this is a choice of three menu selections: To the Point (500 m)  And Back (1 km) or From the Island (1.6 km.)

We are always well provided with safety boats to keep a close watch on the swimmers, whichever route they pick.

Sheri hopped in to keep Ali company as Ali swam to the Point and Back for the first time.  Ali aced it.  And Sheri had so much fun she did it twice, for a total of 2 km in the perfect calm on the early morning.

Bill kept pace with the canoe until Ali was done, then swapped places with her in the water and swam that second leg with Sheri while Ali and Zack paddled alongside.

They are among our favourite families -- everything they do, they do as a family, and it is all about the Great Outdoors!

Chris and Andrew grew up spending summers at Bondi. School and careers have sprinkled them across the globe. Chris now lives in Seattle. Andrew calls London, England, home.  But this summer they were back for the Williams Family Reunion, and how fun it was to see them both again.

The Marathon Swim was at the top of their agenda.  It's a long way, that mile from the Island.  Taffy gave Chris' friend Kristin a bit of encouragement in the boat on the way there.  "You can do it," she said. "And I'll keep a close eye on you to be sure you are safe all the time!"


We were quite right, when we told Andrew and Eric that the lake was warmer than England's North Sea. It was almost 78 degrees that morning. In fact, with the slight breeze, it felt warmer to be in the water than in the breeze!

Taffy is always "on alert" during the swim. She has swimmers near the boat, and farther away, and she feels it is her job to watch them ALL.  We have kayaks and canoes that station with each swimmer as well, but of course Taffy feels she should supervise THEM as well...

 After all, it is a lovely lonely place, the middle of the bay...  Andrew and Eric paced themselves nicely for a fabulous start to a sunny day.

"Wow" Taffy seemed to say, "look how fast Kristin is swimming!"

She was the first one back to the dock, but Chris wasn't far behind...

What a lovely "welcome home" for Andrew and Chris, and their partners who are just being introduced to Bondi. We're delighted to see you here!

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  1. Terrific shots!

    Taffy looks quite noble while she's being watchful...