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Friday, July 19, 2013

Storm Scene

 High winds. Emphasis on High.  A tornado Watch in effect from Environment Canada.  Rain. Lots and lots of rain.

It opened up the view -- we lost one of the big willows at the lake, very sadly.
 The water trampoline dragged its anchor, and had to be rescued, but its fine and ready for bouncing again!

The waves were really impressive. Sherry took a short video.

The only real casualties were the Canadian flag at the Lodge -- which was bent straight down by a falling limb from the maple tree. A tree, we add, that has never shed a branch in its lifetime. It shed one today...  

With impeccable timing, it shed that branch in the windstorm not even a half hour after the BMD had brought the guest's red canoe out of storage, and carefully placed it where we always do, right by the door of the Lodge, next to the gazebo...

The rain was impressive, too. And it contributed to one rather soggy poodle.

On the plus side, there was no funnel cloud. We go away lightly, all in all.

Hydro went out, but with the help of generators we can keep the water supply on. All the cottages have bbq's, and there were restaurants open nearby working from back-up generators too.  It made for a rather peaceful interlude.  Amanda and Frank spent the time sitting on the cottage deck, sheltered from the wind, just watching the light show, and quite happy to be 'disconnected' from the grid for a few hours.  They came to visit Napster at his art gallery during a break in the storm, too.

With every break in the weather Brian, Dave and Mike -- and Sarah! --  were out with the truck and chainsaw repairing and cleaning up.

We are very fortunate indeed to have these guys here, all able to run a chainsaw, drive a truck, climb a ladder... essentially all able to FIX STUFF.  The ability to Fix Stuff is not to be taken lightly.

 The hydro was out for several hours, but it's back on now. The trees have been cleaned up, lawns raked again. The moon is out as I write this.  Storms pass...

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  1. Definitely some damage... poor canoe.

    And poor soggy poodle. Taffy would have been subjected, no doubt, to the Towel of Torment.