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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Godzilla the Mushroom

 It's a long story about a big mushroom.

Back in the Spring, we read an article in Chicken Magazine (yes, the hot chicks have their own mag) about a mushroom that reportedly grows well in chicken coops.   It seemed like a do-able project.
Phone calls were made to the American company. Questions were asked about border crossings and importing. All seemed to be in order.  We decided Why Not? and placed an order for mushroom spawn.

The 'shroom in question is called a King Stropharia. Also known as a Wine Cap. Also known as the Godzilla mushroom, but we didn't know that one at the time. (although it has subsequently become clear to us)

An email promply arrived to let us know our 'shrooms were in transit. Another email came from UPS telling us that the package was with Border Control.  And then the trail went cold.  Nobody could locate our missing mushrooms.  If you have ever had the privilege of trying to contact Border Control, you'll understand that there is a chunk of your Life you will never recover. Nor will you actually get to speak to a real human.  Weeks passed. A month ticked by. No 'shrooms in sight.  Wondering how long our 'spawn' could sit in an overheated office and remain viable, fretting occurred.

Finally I decided it was time for a serious intervention.  I phoned The Rt. Honourable Tony Clement.  After all, this is his riding, and parliament being pro-roqued more often than not, it's always good to make him feel wanted. Now, I have to hand it to his assistant. She leapt (swung?) into action.  And apparently when the Minister of Finance picks up the phone, Border Control answers. Who knew?  Anyway, kudos to Tony's office -- they found the missing mushrooms.  Which were, as it turned out, off being tested to be sure they were not some weird halocinogenic variety. They were not.

with my cell phone to give it some scale, this is Godzilla
One on Tuesday, Oct. 1... 
It took over six weeks, but the little bag of mushroom spawn finally arrived, and was hurriedly placed in the garden I had prepared six weeks prior...  Nothing much happened. Spring turned into summer.  Nothing much happened.  Gardens got more mulch, and more water. Nothing...  

Until this week. When all of a sudden these things sprouted up like, well, like mushrooms. Almost overnight.  And let me tell you, once these start to grow, they don't know when to call it quits.  The King Stropharia can grow to 20 cm high and 30 cm across.

And THIS is Godzilla One on Wednesday, Oct. 2...
Well, gosh... they are tasty things.  And pretty. They look like there should be a fairy or an elf sitting under their little speckled umbrella tops.

But given the speed with which they are now fruiting, we are going to need some help consuming them!  I've got mushrooms drying in the dehydrator unit. Mushrooms in the process of becoming Mushroom and Curried Squash Soup. Mushrooms about to be tucked in the oven with a pork roast.  We are open to suggestions. And buyers...

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