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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thank you, Peggy!

One of the amazing cakes made
by Rebecca Bell, of Cakewalk Catering
This one was carrot... and incredible!
It has been said that if you only ever say one prayer, Thank you will serve nicely. That's how powerful those two little words can be.  It is a reminder that we should be grateful for a great many things, and a great many people who come into our lives.

So here's a huge THANK YOU to Peggy Hurley, who retired from the Dwight Public Library after 28 fantabulous years. There was a standing room only party for Peggy at the Community Centre on Saturday, and what a party it was.

"Miss Peggy" -- on the hot seat!
packed house! We had to stop the speeches to
set up more chairs!
But that is as it should be for the lady who took the Dwight library from a small trailer, to a room in the back of the old municipal office, to it's current location. Who brought us from hand-written library cards to computers and kobos and all sorts of electronic magic. She enchanted generations of children with her story-telling. She opened universes...

the walls were lined with memories...
Jack... enough said...
Books let us travel, in time, in space, in imagination. They let us learn, and create, and come together, and be apart, and so much more. And Peggy's library was always the warmest, most welcoming place in the community. Her vision of a small fireplace and two wing-back chairs for patrons to curl up in and read, next to a state-of-the-art computer cafe, and a huge friendly childrens' section and everything in between made this the very heart of our little community. She welcomed artists and raised funds for just about any cause you could imagine.

Deb Bradley took pictures of everyone wearing
some 'fun props' from Peggy's collection!
What a great looking family! Leah provided the floral
centrepieces and they were gorgeous.
And she never stopped smiling. 

So here's to you Peggy, and your next adventure. Thanks for the ride! 

Thanks for the years and the dreams and the doors you opened.  And don't think you're getting away all that easily -- Story hour with the children, Trivia Night... all sorts of functions are going to lure you in.


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  1. Congratulations to Peggy on her retirement. I knew her when I had family living in the area. She was always very welcoming.