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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walkabout between the Raindrops

 One must always remember that a 60% chance of rain also means a 40% chance of No Rain... and that's when we grab jackets and head out the door.

With a bit of help from Taffy, Sharon and I found this whomping big deer skull in the back field...   No sign of any other bits and pieces, though.

Most of the leaves are down.  This little baby oak tree, however, was determined to hang on just a bit longer.

Creeks are all flowing high and fast.  The river is also pretty close to Spring freshet levels.  The bright side? We're not looking at a drought any time soon...

There is still lots of colour -- you just have to look for it, and appreciate that the reds have faded out, but the greens are still coming on strong.

There has been a loon calling on the bay all this week.  The juveniles don't leave until mid-November, so this one is not far off schedule and will probably be heading out for the south soon.  Meanwhile, the sound is just so fabulous.  On Wednesday, while in the arena teaching a riding lesson, we had a wolf serenade at about 6 p.m. in the evening. The wolves, it would seem, are early, even if the loons are late...

And the ducks? Well, the lake's not frozen over so they are in no rush to depart.   Much the same can be said for the Canada geese, although Taffy does her very best to ensure that they don't hang about on the lawns.

The deer, on the other hand, (other hoof?) have no problem hanging about ont he lawns. 

 We found all this in one hour long walk, and never once needed an umbrella.  November...  take the beauty where you find it.

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