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Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Happens Fast

Wham. We got hit by a major snowstorm!  Nothing compared to the Lake effect that swamped poor old Buffalo, but plenty of snow, and all at once!   It kept storming for a few days.  Roads were closed -- the first time I remember Hwy 60 EVER being closed, and it was shut down from Whitney to Huntsville because of road conditions -- so we just hunkered down.  Brian moved it when he could, but mostly, it isn't productive to plow while the snow is still driving in!    Sure does look pretty out there, though...

The depth of snow took one of the chickens by surprise. She thought (boldly and without considering the consequences) that she could fly across to the outdoor summer coop.  She got about half way before landing. The snow was too deep -- she could neither get her wings down, or touch her toes to the ground.  Luckily, I came by before it got dark, and scooped her up. The snow was over my high boots though! She's fine, and happy to be back in the warm stable!

Taffy on the other hand, relished the snow, and considered (briefly) trying out for the Iditarod.

The hens and I consider the options after I opened the stable door.  They birds opted to just stay inside.  I opted to get the snowblower...

For a few moments, I thought we might just loose Squeegee as he bravely set off through snow that was well over his tummy, but he was undaunted. Although we're pretty sure we heard him muttering under his breath.

This was the depth in an area where it was protected from the wind and had not drifted.  Conditions, as they like to say, may vary from this... And did.

We're blessed to have Brian and David and the big machinery to help with moving snow.  It wasn't long before they had the driveways and walkways all clear again!

And of course, there is nothing like fresh snow to set off the Christmas lights that are going up these days!

After being outside in the wind, and shovelling and snowblowing, it's nice to be able to come in to a warm cosy house.  It's no surprise our guests love the fireplaces in our cottages!

And, when the weather shuts the roads, and briefly shuts off the hydro, and the world goes white and quiet, there's nothing else, really, but to consider the advantages of a nice guilt-free afternoon nap...

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