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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beaver is Back in Town

 This is one of our cousin Robin Tapley's photos from earlier in the year.  Don't they just look so darn happy?

Well, they might be of good cheer, but we have noticed that with their arrival in the bay we are saying farewell to several of our trees.

All being taken down in the waterfront, I might add, without a permit...

If you were in Lantern cottage, you would have had a front row seat to watch this toothwork taking place.  Just to the right of the beach at that cottage, several small poplars vanished.
 I like this shot --even fuzzy (it was late).  Beaver has left his signature front tooth imprint... but gone no farther (yet.)
 Meanwhile, over by Beaver cottage (how aptly ironic) the view is opening up.

A cedar -- and I must say i haven't seen a beaver cart off a cedar before. Perhaps he wants the needles to give the house a nice aroma for the winter?   This pair of once-ornamental birch... and a host of smaller poplars have fallen to the tooth.

 The work now focuses on getting these into smaller, more manageable sections.  Beav can't float off down the lake with a full size tree, so he has to neatly carve it into dare-we-say bite size pieces.
 You can see the chips on the bottom of the lake where he is sectioning up the birch tree.  One section has already been nipped off and floated away.  I expect tonight he'll finish off this part of the project.
 Taken looking back from Beaver cottage's dock this gives you an idea of the scope of the work project.  The neatly snipped end closest to the camera indicates where the top of the tree once was.   Just behind that you can see the current work in progress.  He'll possibly carve this trunk up one more time to get the pieces he wants.
 Meanwhile, between Beaver and Anchor cottages are two more lovely birches.  We're fond of them, and would prefer that they not head off down the lake to be part of Beaver's construction project, so they have been wrapped in wire, giving them a full metal jacket of protection. (we hope)
  We'll keep you posted on this. It is not easy to defeat a determined beaver...

But for now, wrapped in metal mesh, they stand strong against a beautiful sunset.

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  1. It's easier to find ways to live with beavers! They're such industrious animals.