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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas, and Bright

 Every family has their own holiday traditions. Our Christmas morning starts with a family breakfast, cooked by David and I (and now Megan!!! many hands make breakfast light work!)  We've done breakfast, Dave and I, since he was a widget who's job it was to simply stir the hollandaise for the eggs benedict.  Now, I stir... he does everything else. He's a great cook!
Megan got the task of toasting the muffins... and it all came together to be a festive feast.

Taffy always gets her own slice of peameal bacon, too.

Then it's off to the glorious Christmas tree, and the presents.   And that usually takes us up to lunch time. Longer if we lose Brian in one of the books he unwraps...

The day being so lovely, the boys got out their bikes.  They toured around the area, checking to see why the hydro was still not on down Port Cunnington Road, and chatted with the workers from Hydro One who had given up their own family time to ensure that people got the power back in time to cook Christmas dinner!  Our power was on, so no worries on that front.

Later, we took our traditional family hike up to the Mountain Lookout.   Taffy was in her absolute glory, ripping through the bush, keeping everyone in line.

I'm recovering from a cold, so don't have quite the lung capacity I'd like.  Which meant stopping often to 'admire the view' (and breathe!)

 There was only one tree blown down in the wind storms. Of course, it fell right across the trail.  "That's a big tree, Dave", we kept telling him... since he'll get the job of getting it off the trail.
 Bondi, Christmas Day, 2015 -- wow -- we are much more green than usual!

 Not even a skiff of ice on the bay!  Last year we were skating everywhere!
 White chicken, named Barcode for the single feather in her tail with a strip of black dots on it, certainly is visible even from up on the lookout!  The hens have been loving this weather, ranging everywhere.

Carol, Brian, Taffy, Megan and Dave pose for a group photo!

 And our young couple demonstrate the best way to support each other...

There were lots of people posting on FB that
they'd gone swimming... Nancy didn't go for the 'full immersion' but did brave the very cold water a little...

And what is winter without skiing?  So Dave dug out an old set of skiis, and we headed up to the gravel pit for a little Sand Skiing. Tricky getting the wax right, as conditions change from sand to moss to gravel.

We were a crowd at dinner, with all Megan's family here, too.  That's the best thing about the holiday, the gathering of friends and families. Carol always cooks a Feast -- fabulous food, and everyone brought something to share as well.

So that's how we spent our Christmas Day. It was a wonderful day. We hope yours was just as magical, in your own way, in your own traditions.  Merry Christmas, and God Bless us Every One!

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  1. Great views from the top. A cold this time of year is no fun.