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Monday, April 6, 2009

A Change in the Weather

April is a funny month. We were raking the beaches a few days ago, the water level low, the sun warm. It was a shirtsleeve sort of day, with the grass starting to turn green. Holly had been to the Poodle Spa, for her spring makeover. That was on Friday.
David was putting up bird houses, so we will be Swallow Ready when our tree and barn swallows return from the south. They do this every April, about April 25th. Last year, with everyone away in Australia except for Nancy, they arrived early, and she was scrambling to get birdhouses repaired, restored, new curtains hung, rugs aired... This year, we are ready.
Then Carol came in from one of the cottages, and asked, "What's the matter with the killdeer?" They were flying in huge agitated circles over the pasture, calling and calling.
And we woke up Saturday to snow. Snow that just kept coming. We've got over eight inches of it on the ground now. The birds are crowding the feeders -- flocks of juncos, finches, even the robins have dropped by. The killdeer -- well, they're really annoyed. Holly's back into her winter jacket, and Achmed is figuring out how to turn on the propane fireplace.
But it really is spring, folks. Honest it is. And summer isn't far behind.
Now's the time to plan for your summer vacation. After all, the swallows shouldn't be the only ones coming home to Bondi to roost!


  1. Here in Toronto, it was gorgeous on Sunday. Perfect for uncovering deck furniture, leaving doors open to let in spring breezes, changing the winterberry door wreath to the lavender one. Just about planted spring flowers in the urns in order to decorate for Passover and
    Easter, but decided to wait a day and now we have snow and ice everyhere. I don't know if April is the cruelest month, but it sure is the most exasperating.

  2. Cruel? Well, the killdeer think so. Brian pulled his skis out of storage and headed out across the back fields.
    The horses are filthy from rolling in the half-frozen mud! But it will pull out the winter hair, so that helps!