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Friday, April 3, 2009

A visit from the Tooth Fairy, Equestrian Division

Even horses get to visit dentists. Equine dental specialists, in fact, who arrive with all sorts of funky looking equipments, and a vet. The vet is there because the horses are more than likely going to need some sedative before it's wise for Kevin and his tools to vanish into their great long jaws. So, while the vet is here, Norma takes care of the routine vaccinations that horses also get. The cats also benefit from this House Call -- and don't think they aren't appreciative of not having to be stuffed into pet carriers and driven into town...

Between Holly the Poodle spending a day at the dog spa getting a Top Model makeover, and the horses getting in house visits from their farrier, dental specialist and vet, Nancy is beginning to see just where she is going wrong...
Even little Squeegee gets his toes trimmed, and his hairdo combed out carefully...

Routine tooth care is essential for the horses. Those very long jaws must be able to grind the hay efficiently, as well as to allow the bit to rest comfortably in their mouths while they are being ridden. Sharp edges that can cut into the delicate inside cheeks, or ridges that form that prevent the teeth from sliding across each other, can all compromise the horse's overall health and comfort.


  1. Without doubt,a very interesting picture of horse dentistry, but Nancy, it does nothing for my dental phobia! I have never really thought about dentists for horses, so this was quite enlightening.

  2. I know -- that speculum that holds the mouth open looks absolutely medieval, but the horses just hang there on the rope, their eyes half closed... and it ensures that Kevin can get the work done properly without the risk of cutting into the cheek or tongue... But you probably also use a smaller nailfile when you get a manicure, too!!!