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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Thing about Spring

What is the old saw about the weather? If you don't like it, just wait five minutes, it will change...

Well, come Spring, you don't even have to wait, you just have to shift your gaze. These pictures were taken this morning, drenched in the kind of sun that makes people wonder why anyone would ever go South in March.

Why, this IS beach weather. For some. The deer were delighted to find a green grassy place in the sun right at the water's edge this morning. The serenity of the scene lifts the spirits. There is heat in the sun now. And the days are longer... at least the daylight hours!

The ski trail going up the hill towards the Frisbee Golf course -- great to play on snowshoes, by the by -- still looks like WINTER. The same goes for the field next to the stable, where one of the ski tracks runs

If you look a little farther along, however, you'll find the Chickens, deleriously happy to be out and about, ranging freely on grass that is already tinged with spring green.

South facing slopes, and plowed areas, these are already moving on, into Spring. By moving just a little, you can choose your season. How magic is that???

North facing slopes, such as the toboggan hill, and the trails through the woods where the sun can't quite reach, these are still in Winter Mode.

Hidden Valley Ski Club, where they make snow until they have a whomping base of it, that's still open. So, on the other hand, is the Visitor Centre in Algonquin Park, where the moose are starting to straggle out of the bush to the roadside, seeking the brackish salty nibbles they can find roadside.

The snow that has been hanging from the 3-car garage roof all winter has finally succumbed. As has, sadly, Katie's magnificent Igloo she and her Dad built at Christmas.
The buds are swelling on the trees, in places the pussywillows are coming out. Animals who have been sleeping the winter away are beginning to stretch and stir. There's some signs of activity around the wolf den -- a little candlelight, a little wine, perhaps, as the courtship begins. The snow fleas are out...
The beavers have been out on top of the ice.
Spring is magical, every day a new bird arrives from the South. Every minute there is something changing. Ice begins to drip, water begins to move. If you listen, you can hear spring coming.
Why not come north, and be part of this vastlfy under-rated time of year?
And, on your way, be sure to drop by the Muskoka Wildlife Centre, on Hwy. 11. Free admission for children accompanied by their parents all through March means you'll never have a better chance to get up close and personal with some of those very animals that are starting to come out of their winter sleeps.

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