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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Along the Shore

Here's who (and what!) we've spotted, Achmed and I, on our walks along the beach this week.

Down by the creek beyond Springside cottage, a great blue heron was hunting in the shallows.

He had some competition for the fish from a solitary merganser who had staked out the shoreline by Clover cottage. At this time of year, you can really see how red the beak is.

The mallards, too, are in full plumage now. The drakes' gorgeous green heads reflected in the water. They were taking a short duck-nap under the willow tree by my house.

Achmed went way up in the cedar tree to check out what else we might find. The climbing up part was easy. Much loud complaining was heard when he had to figure out how climb back down!

The pond by the hangar was doing it's very best to be a mirror.
Although the maples are all done, dropping their leaves, and the hills are taking on a more monochrome tone in preparation for winter, this is when the bronze oaks and the strong golden poplars really shine, particularly as with this tree all by itself among the white birches on the hillside.

Although there were brief moments yesterday when snowflakes hung in the air, today the mercury climbed back up to t-shirt weather.
We had some hikers enjoying our trails, but none who enjoyed them more than Achmed did, escorting me along the shoreline...

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