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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Napster Goes to Parliament Hill. Sort Of.

Last Saturday there was a fundraiser at the Community Centre, for a group of young people from this area who are heading to Kenya next March. They are travelling with ME TO WE, better choices for a better world. It's going to be a life altering trip for them. I know. I spent five weeks in Kenya, the country is amazing. The people are amazing. The culture is amazing. And I mean that in its literal sense, one stands amazed : astounded; suddenly filled with wonder. The kids will be helping build schools, and other humanitarian projects.They will be meeting the people, extending their horizons in ways they can't yet imagine. That's how better worlds get built -- through connections.

But, of course, they need to raise money before they can go. Marcy was the driving organizer behind this one, but a whole village of people showed up to help. There were all sorts of foods -- baking, soups, entire meals, jams, jellies -- all donated by local area chefs. Handicrafts. Native plants. Jewellry. Clothing. Everyone brings what they can.

Napster brought one of his paintings. A small enough item, to be sure, in the greater scheme of things, but not so small, really... His donation helped to raise both money, and awareness.
Not to mention raising his fame level, because the piece was snapped up by the Right Honourable Tony Clement, Canada's Minister of Industry. We're pretty impressed that Tony took the time to come to this fundraiser in Dwight. We're pretty impressed that he bid on Napster's print.

And the cat? Well, he is finding it hard to contain his excitement to learn that one of his works will be hanging in an office on Parliament Hill. Tony commented on Twitter that he thought the picture looked like a hummingbird. Which is lovely. Hummingbirds are the totem for Joy.

There's also a woodpecker to be found (Napster's work is so universal, there's something for everyone!) And if you turn it, there's a Dove Ascending...

Napster has his paws crossed that perhaps he'll be able to help out with the Minister's Christmas shopping... after all, he has a charming abstract of a horse in profile, ideal for the incoming Governor General's dressage riding wife... there's the print that is going on auction to raise money for Hamilton to Haiti, perhaps a suggestion of a small gift to our fantastic outgoing G.G.

There's a whole slew of possible recipients up there on the Hill, all of them perhaps ready to benefit from a pack of Napster Notecards... and a good chuckle, and a few dollars more to support the charities that receive 100% of Napster's proceeds...

Cats can dream...
He'll have his work on show at the Huntsville Place Mall on Oct. 22nd and 23rd (at least his art will!) fundraising there for the Animal Shelter for Huntsville.
He's just trying to do the math, to figure out how many cards and prints he should send in for the occasion... fame can be so complicated...

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