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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken Chucking -- an Olympic Demo Sport

Let us state right up front that NO CHICKENS WERE HARMED in the making of this post.

Last year in honour of the Vancouver Olympics, some of our guests created their own version of the games -- complete with biathlon, and chicken curling.

It was such a hit that the Chicken Curling returned this year -- along with the same squeaky chickens (who are lovingly placed in baggies while sliding on the ice through the goal posts!)

Taffy came with me to check out the chicken chucking (say that three times fast). It was her first excursion to the lake. Her first encounter with ice. Like Bambi on the 'stiff water', she found her legs going every which way, and finally took refuge in a lap.

The Curling Spectacular was followed by snowshoeing to the Lookout. That, however, lacked an element of adventure for this group, who then proceeded to "bush whack" a new trail, all their own, down from the mountain. That's one of the fun things about snowshoeing -- on a nice day, without a blizzard, you leave tracks that -- like a trail of breadcrumbs - will always bring you home, so you can boldly go where no snowshoe has gone before! With the exception of the lake. I did tell them not to go out there, because of the slush, but sometimes you just have to try for yourself. Two steps were enough -- back to shore! Knock the slush of the shoes. Carry on.

Brian recently measured 18" of slush out there. It's okay if you are on a snowmobile and a) you don't slow down, and b) nothing goes wrong. Which means the smart option is c) just don't go there. Packed trails are fine, and the snowmobile clubs maintain marked, packed trails.

Better yet, take snowshoes, and head off into the quiet of the forest, make your trails, make your own cheer.

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