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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Bear, you should be Sleeping!

What is this??? Something you don't expect to see at this time of year!

That's a little bear, hanging out in a tree up towards Limberlost.

The date this was taken? Feb. 11.

That's not hibernating...

Obviously, something was up (other than the bear in the tree). Our friend Carolyn took this photo of their little visitor.

Named Billie Bear, because s/he lives close to that place, the little cub had the locals concerned for his/her well-being. Bears should be fast asleep in their hibernation this time of year. Especially little ones, like this, who shouldn't be out alone. This would be last year's cub...

The Aspdin Valley Wildlife Sanctuary arrived on the scene with a live trap. When it comes to bear rehabilitation, the AVWC allies with Bear With Us, the local bear rescue and rehabilitation centre. If anyone knows bears, it's Mike McIntosh and his volunteers at Bear with Us. both AVWS and BWU do astounding work with wildlife. If they could just get little Billie Bear into the trap, life would get much brighter for the little guy.

It took five days, but finally the little bear went into the trap. S/he is a . remarkably LITTLE bear (for this time of year)! The rescuers' guess was just 20 lbs. Obviously orphaned and desparate for food, the cub had nowhere to go, and just moved in to a yard near Carolyn's house.

Now in the right hands, Billie Bear has a chance to be re-nourished and grow - and be released into the wild this spring!

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