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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fishing? Yes. Catching? That Too.

Brian and David christened the ice hut today. After lovingly crafting the structure, right down to the fine details of the Andrew Daniels Fish Stewardship ruler on the wall (so you know at a glance which fish are too big or too small to keep), and curtains on the window, the lads packed a path out to a chosen spot with the snowmobile, then towed the hut out (on it's fancy Rosignol Skis!) with that self-same sled.

Brian found himself in the garage cutting firewood into smaller lengths to fit the stove -- which was not needed today -- it was a stunning winter's day, mild, sunny, and just shouting for folks to come outside and play!

Hooks were baited, breath was bated... they waited for the fish. Which, sad to relate for them, did not appear. That did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm, however. There is nothing on earth as optimistic as a fisherman.

Our guests had better luck (or skill?) While the ladies took the kids tobogganing, the fisher-folk snowmobiled farther down the lake, where it's deeper, and came home with two big trout. Which proves two things: There ARE fish in the lake to be caught; and there is a reason it is called Fishing, not Catching.

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