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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Drip, drip, drip...

How's it going down there?

David stands by  (kneels by?) as the hander-down-of-tools, provider-of-hot-water, fetcher-of-different-shovels and general go-fer.

Down below -- considerably down below -- Brian was coming to grips with the leak in our water system.

We knew it was out there -- somewhere. The running pump and ratcheting up hydro bills told us that.  Problem was finding it.  One would think that the amount of water that was leaking would have caused a wet spot on the lawn, but one would think wrong.  It evidently vanished into an underground aquifer and we were left searching.

Brian has been trying to track it down for a while now.  Another hole came up dry...  But he hit paydirt with this one, which began to fill with water before he even got through the frost.

The hole had to sit for a while, both to dry out and to thaw out. Today the ground was amenable to the work continuing.

It was a tiny little hole, when it was tracked to its lair. Who would have thought it could cause such issues?

It's a good look at how far down we have to bury the water lines to keep them from freezing when the frost drives into the ground come winter.

Thankfully, it is now all fixed!

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