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Friday, August 5, 2011


We had 46 entries for this year's coveted Chowder Bowl.  Some of my favourite names (who didn't quite crack the medal podium) included Clamtankerous, Lord VolldeMollusk, Clamitude, Inclamdescent and Clam Before the Storm...   Clamboys and Aliens, and Escargot Girl! were also brilliant. Clamerican Debt ran well at the start, but then seemed to just get mired down...

The winner, running 5 feet, was CLAMTASTIC, the entry of Thea.

In second place was CLAMMY POTTER, Alaina's entry.

Third place went to LAKE CLAMPLAIN, Dan and Shelley's clam; and we had a tie for fourth, between CLAM FU PANDA, Katie's entry,  and THE CLAM'S SPEECH, entry of the Kelly family (but the clam was found by Hugh, so credit must go his way!)

The tension on the dock in the morning, as Brian (Resident Clamologist) carefully measured the track left by each clam.  The ducks patrolled the course all night to ensure fair play.

It's tremendously good fun, this business of racing clams.  Our clams don't just run for fun, either, results from the Clam Race go to science - the MNR acknowledges that we are among the very few folks studying just how far a clam can travel overnight. We are working on a grant to examine just how happy IS a clam, too...  And the University of Massachussetts uses Clam Race Data in a statistics course. 

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