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Friday, August 5, 2011

Running Room

Ralph is in training for a marathon, so dutifully every day he laced up his shoes and headed off for his training run.  His comment about the hills around here is better left out of a family post...

The loneliness of the long distance runner was abruptly broken this week -- about 4 km from Bondi, a black bear gambolled across the road in front of Ralph.  It was a good sized bear -- and they always look even bigger, and blacker, when they are romping along. 

Ralph stopped to contemplate a) the bear, and b) the possibility that the bear had family in tow.

And while he was stopped, two deer came tearing out of the bush not very far away. One slid and skidded on the pavement, grabbing for traction, before both sailed off into the forest on the far side of the road.

"Wow," thought Ralph, "lots of wildlife out here today."

Whereupon the wolf came trotting out of the bush, in no hurry, not looking right or left, following the deer.

In the wake of all this activity, things quieted down, and Ralph resumed his run. There's really no cause for concern.  Bears, provided you give them plenty of room, will extremely rarely bother a person, even one who is jogging.  And the wolf wants nothing to do with you... he is a very focused individual, and you are not on the menu.  It is extraordinarily rare to see a wolf -- although we hear them frequently -- and to see all the "big three" at once is indicative that Ralph should probably be out buying up lottery tickets.

We did take note, however, that the following day, he went on the Island Swim, rather than the road trip...

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