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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ironman 70.3. John was the Story.

This is Year Four for the Muskoka Ironman 70.3.

Lake of Bays hosts the bike portion of this triathlon, and a horde of volunteers comes out each year to help direct traffic and cheer the athletes at every junction along the route.

We like hanging out at the corner of Dwight Beach Road and South Portage Road.  It's at the top of the longest climb on the course, to the highest point on the course. There are plenty of other hills -- the route is considered to be one of the toughest because of the Muskoka hills -- but the other climbs are shorter, maybe steeper... tough indeed but they don't go on quite so long.  It provides a great vantage point to see the competitors, because they are at their slowest as they crest the hill and make the turn.

Never mind the pros, who come whizzing past almost before we had the site swept clear of loose gravel -- they are expected to be out and doing. Expected, and expecting, to be highly competitive, at the peak of their game.

The story at our junction was about John.  His brother Gord arrived early at the junction, well equipped with binoculars, to watch and cheer.  John lives in Saskatchewan -- not noted for its hills. Gord lives near Dwight, and logs a lot of time cycling these hills.  John only took up triathlon a year ago. This is his first Half Ironman.

John is 69.  Gord told us that John didn't expect to complete the course -- when he got here this week and rode some of the terrain, he wasn't sure he'd be able to complete in the time allowed.  Gord fretted at our corner, waiting for a phone call to come saying John had not completed the swim. When that call never came, he got quietly excited. He was so proud of his brother, who climbed off the couch, onto a bike, and never looked back.

It mattered not a bit that John was the last bike to come through, with the Sweep Vehicle trailing behind.

We cheered, rang bells, jumped up and down...  Gord then got in his car and leapfrogged ahead to watch and cheer farther along the route.

The hills stopped him, in the end, before he completed.  They just slowed him down... and he ran out of the time allowed.  He had the legs still, but he didn't have the clock.

But that doesn't matter.

We were just so delighted to be able to share his challenge. And hope he'll be back again next year.  Good on ya', John, for being out there! Giving it a go!


  1. Such a nice article.....I will be back next year...and I will whip that course into fact, I did not run out of gas this year...I ran out of time......they closed the bike run on me.....I need to work on my was a huge experience, and thank-you so much for being such a super are amazing!!! And I was inspired by you!!

    John Duncan - Regina

  2. Way to go Uncle John. Great work.