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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diamonds in Ice

 Crown Jewels have nothing on us.

This picture is actually reversed, but it was too perfect a crown not to visualize it on top of Royal Head.    Although the head that wears THIS crown would be uneasy... and cold and wet. 

I found this collection of ice jewellry under the Main Dock here at Bondi today.  As the lake levels continue to dip down in preparation for the melt water that will soon be filling the lakes back up, there are wonderful pockets of ice that mix with the melting snow on the dock to form stalactites and stalagmites and creations of breath-taking loveliness.

I even found one small ice-berg that looked like one of the photos Col. Chris Hadfield has been sending home from the Space Station. While his are more exotic locales, this one, with the finely etched ice around it and the patterns on the lake bottom behind it, is rather Blake... to see the world in a grain of sand, and eternity in an hour

I nearly fell in getting these pictures, so I hope you appreciate what I do for you.

With the shades of colour in the water, the reflections, the curiously sculpted shapes, these truly are works of art.

You can see in this picture how low the Lake of Bays is just now. 

That fragile ledge of ice marks where the surface of the bay was several weeks back.

The dripping ice as the snow on the dock itself melts and trickles down forms on the cribbing below.

And here is the Crown we began with. This time, right way up.

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