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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring is in the Air

 Not to mention geese... who made their return today.

 Taffy has already read them the Riot Act about staying Off the Dock.  It remains to be seen if they were paying attention.

They were certainly delighted to find a small patch of open water at the main dock.

 And snowflakes, because what would March be without one really good blizzard?  Today certainly brought us that! There were moments when you couldn't see to the Point, 500 metres away across the Bay.

In fact, this coming weekend looks set to provide some of the best conditions possible for Spring skiing and snowshoeing. Even the snowmobile trails up here are going to be good to go!    Right now it is perfect (and I use the word as intended) for snowshoeing, with enough crust on the snow that the travelling is effortless and one can truly trek anywhere.

So don't hang up your gear just yet.  And don't despair...  Even with the snow, there was blue sky and sunshine. It is what we call a Passing Storm.

This isn't out of the ordinary. Spring truly is just around the corner.  You can almost see it if you just get up on a good vantage point and look closely.

So there is no need to hibernate. Out the door with you -- enjoy this fabulous little extension of the time when all is white and clean, before the mud arrives. Every Month has its own beauty and its own character. March is no exception. A changeable month always in the weather department, this snow won't last much longer.

Best to just get out there and meet it head on...

We have vacancies over the Easter Weekend. Hidden Valley Ski Hill will be open to the end of the month.  The toboggan hill is superb, and it's not so cold that you can't stay out long.

So Cheers to You March! Bring whatever... we're up for it!!!

1 comment:

  1. The geese are not going to pay attention to a dog!

    We haven't seen them here yet, but I haven't looked at any open water around rivers in the last few days. If they're stopping in, they'll tend to gather there.