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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sea breezes, .Clovers, and Looking at Lakes

There's an old joke that the difference between Europe and Canada is that Europe has too much history, and Canada has too much geography. 

No doubt true, but there is more history over here than you might think.  Especially when you come north, to the Lake of Bays.  Well known to the First Nations for centuries (or millenia?) it wasn't 'discovered' by the 'rest of the world' until the 1800's.

Here is a little history on the Lake of Bays.  The Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation has done a dandy job producing these videos!

Seabreeze, located on the way to Dorset, is one of the older roads, settled in the late 1800's.

Clovelly, along the South Portage Road, is another pocket of early settlement by tourists on the lake.  It features an outdoor pulpit, where the minister used to deliver his sermons to the faithful, seated in the woods!

Not only are the Foundation Folk interested in the built heritage, they are keen on the real deal, the very critical environment that is common to us all.  They won an award with this video, The View around the Lake. It talks about how to preserve the shorelines, that critical bit of environment where lake meets land.  Did you know that there are birds who will only nest within 3 feet, (one metre) of the lake? If you cut all your trees and turn it into lawn, you've trashed their entire ecosystem.

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