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Monday, June 3, 2013

AO and Moose

 I love this shot. I love that you can see the rain just sheeting down like a curtain. That the moose doesn't give a toss about the rain. That his winter coat is almost gone, his summer shiny showing through. His antlers just knobbing up at the beginning of six months of growing the most incredible set of antlers ever -- the fastest growing bone of any mammal anywhere.  I love the big droopy noses of the moose.

I love that I was able to take this shot from the cozy comfort of my car, at only km. 2 in Algonquin Park, on an afternoon that had surrendered to a thunderstorm and rain after a lovely soft morning I spent working outside.

I had to meet some people at Oxtongue Lake, so I just sort of extended the trip to take a short excursion into the Park.

I also extended the trip to take in a browse at Algonquin Outfitters, one of the finest stores anywhere for outdoor enthusiasts and for those who just want to look like they are outdoor enthusiasts.  Between the clothing, the canoes and kayaks and paddle boards, the camp gear, books, snacks and generally cool and funky stuff, it is a bit of a legend that if you cannot find the gear you need at AO, you don't need the gear.

Even the dogs have a section for their own camping equipment. For those who scoff at putting life jackets on dogs, let me tell you that you have not lived until you have tried to straight-arm a soaking wet dog into a canoe in deep water.  I had that thrill years ago when our Holly went overboard after a beaver. It seemed to her like a good idea.  At least with a life jacket, there is a convenient handle on the back that gives you a fighting chance of returning dog to vessel with everyone surviving the incident.

AO will also arrange to take you for a day trip into the Park. They can take you to the best fishing spots. Outfit you with canoes or kayaks -- you can try them out for free before you buy. You can rent a canoe there and paddle it upriver to fabulous Ragged Falls -- pack a lunch and it makes a lovely day's outing.

Or, if the weather is not on board (unlike the wet dog) you can simply do what I did -- prowl through the store, dream a few camping dreams, and drive on into the Park to see what you can see.

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  1. What a striking looking fellow!

    And AO's always a good place to stop in at.