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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Tractor Wheel of Life

 Happy Father's Day to all the Dads.

Including of course our own -- Paul Pax Tapley (seen here with Rosemary modelling for the Rockwell painting 'Canadian Gothic'.  (she said, jokingly) That's our first poodle, Amy, in the middle being a guard dog.

Dads give us roots. And they help us to unfold our wings. Sometimes they even help shove us out of the nest when needed.  They teach lessons every day, in the smallest of ways, that last not only lifetimes but generations.

Here's a photo of our Grandfather, Joseph Tapley, teaching his son Douglas to drive the hay rake.


And here is Paul, with Brian (in his wicker pram! I love this shot) riding on the all-purpose cart on the farm. Brian's first 'driving lesson.' By the age of 13, he was fully competent to drive the big bulldozer, and did so unsupervised. That same pram was restored and refurbished by Carol, to be used by David.

Paul may not have realized he was feeding a lifetime passion when he put me up on the farm horses.  An interesting aside in this photo is the Fox Point Road and our driveway. Every time the District resurfaces this road, they raise it.  Way back then, it was a very gentle slope out of the driveway. Today, you'll really notice the rise.

 As Brian got a bit older, Paul copied his father, Joseph, teaching Brian how to drive the hayrake (well, at least how to hold the reins, with just a little help!)

When the horses were replaced by state of the art machinery, Paul gave Brian lessons on driving the tractor.  And we still have this lovely old tractor today. The paint has faded, but other than that it is a gem.
 Years later, Paul had his grandson David with him while plowing the garden. That was before we had to fence off the garden to keep the deer from destroying it!  Lots of things change over the years, but apparently our machinery does not!

That is because, often as not, the old equipment does the job just as well if not better.

Years turn, and kids grow up, and here's a shot of Brian on the tractor, with his son David on the old hayrake, working the garden.

Life lessons... in so many ways. So here's a huge cheer to all the Dads, and to the value of the old -- be that the grandpa's, the machinery, the customs.

Happy Father's Day.

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