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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything Old is New Again

 Many moons past, the Port Cunnington Road intersected the Fox Point Road at a 90 degree angle. (The old road is now the entrance into the indoor arena.)

As time passed, the Powers That Decide felt that a Y-junction would be preferable. So the Port Cunnington Road was swung to intersect right where the Fire Hall is now located. That's the way it's been since, oh, back in the 1960's.

This year, the District of Muskoka is working on the Port Cunnington Road, from the intersection of Fox Point down to Elder Drive.  As part of this, The Powers That Decide have declared that the Y-junction is dangerous. Not that there has ever been an incident there (thankfully), but because folk do tend to zip on through without really demonstrating what might be described as a Full Stop.   The District, in an email, said that it was 'confusing' to know which road had the Stop Sign. (one would suggest that it would be the road where the Stop sign was posted, but one would be quibbling)

So, say toodle ooo to the trees on that bit of swampy land. Shove over critters, the road is coming through.  Today three deer were nibbling on the browse along the shoulder of the road right beside the workmen.

This, for those of you who know the road, is your 'first look' at what is taking place. We want you to know, so you don't get lost driving to your cottage the first time you come up...

The new design will, without doubt, slow folk down. That's not a bad thing. Note the sentence earlier about the deer on the shoulder of the road...

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  1. That takes a lot of work.

    I know that intersection well, but didn't know it had been different in the past.