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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clam Race, Opening Day -- the Hats come Out, and so do the Proposals

 Tonight was the kick-off to the 29th annual running of the Clams, for the coveted Chowder Bowl.

A record 72 clams came to the post -- with fabulous names, like Baggage Clam, Clam Kadiddlehopper, iClam, Shellfire, Chocolate Chip Coquille, Blonde Clambition, Not Who He Clams to Be, and Chris Clamfield...

I could go on.   64 more times, but you get the gist.  The names are a big part of the fun of this event.  

So too is the spirit of the occasion.  The wonderful Muskoka Music Men come to provide the music for the occasion -- and to them Much Thanks!  They have a big concert coming up on August 16 at the Algonquin Theatre, and it is a great evening. You should go.

But we digress...   At Ascot, the fashionistas turn out in force for the big race, and hats are de rigeur.  So, too, at the Clam Race, where the Dept. of Silly Hats went into overdrive.

Kudos to Leslie, for creating a fantastic fascinator out of a coffee filter and some feathers and bark.  Her daughters Vivi and Nora were rocking it with fascinators of their onw, fashioned from onion bags. How tremendously creative!

Mike borrowed headwear to come as a Christmas pudding, while Rachel and Jill went for the sophisticated angle.

Dawn came looking like she'd stepped off the plane from the Ascot Derby.

Even Taffy got into the spirit, with a fascinator of her very own.

Team Kelly had spent the afternoon crafting matching hats that were "all the news" (so to speak!)

The Muskoka Music Men have their own hats, and no matter what they have on their heads, they make fabulous harmonies.  Check out that medal that Ken is wearing -- that is from the year that their entry, My Wild Racing Clam, scooted into medal contention. 

 It takes a village to run a Clam Race -- thanks to Brian, the resident Clamologist, who made sure all the clams got to the start line in the lake in an orderly fashion; to Kitty and Dave who took over the duties of registering participants (and suffered the writer's cramps that went with the numbers this year!)  Shelley and Dan worked hard to get the nailpolish numbers onto those racers...  

Carol and Sarah had a snack table, with some of the tastiest dips you could ever want -- all created on the fly by Carol!

Dave and Mike were in charge of the pyrotechnics that let the Clams know (since it is harder to hear underwater) when the start is official.  The fireworks display this year was excellent, and didn't set fire to the willow tree, so that is progress...

But THE MOMENT of the evening came when David got onto one knee, brandishing cheap fake flowers,  and asked his fiance Megan if he could have her Clam in Marriage...

Every romance needs a great sense of humour.  Megan said yes, and they 'joined clams' and raised a really tacky pink flamingo wine glass in honour of the occasion.  What good sports.

They are getting married on Sept. 13th, and we hope they will live Clammily Ever After.

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