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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Up Up and Away

 It took three years, and 20 different tries but Brian, Mike and Dave finally got to get up in the hot air balloon with Sundance.

There were 19 separate and unique reasons given why the balloon was unable to fly on the other occasions  and since it is too far away to make the trip unless you are sure that balloon is going to be up in the air, it has been more than a little frustrating for them.

Too hot to fly. Not warm enough to fly. Too much wind. Not enough wind. Raining. Foggy. The reasons are all very valid, but it did rather drag on and on...

Nobody's fault, but worth noting if you are booking a flight -- be sure that you can be flexible in your own plans and timing.

The verdict was that it was worth the trip, and the wait, but that they wouldn't wait that long again.  So, it was a good trip, another tick beside an item on that bucket list, and a fun experience.

The guys told me that the balloon got so low in some of the yards that it was skimming the treetops...

These balloons are huge, and require large open fields over which to fly. They would be unusable here -- there are simply too few places to safely land them in open areas.

They certainly cast an impressive shadow as they pass overhead!

Dave, Mike and Brian are your best source for more details on this trip, but here are a few of their photos to enjoy!

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  1. Beautiful shots! There's an outfit here that sends them up from the campus on good days, five minutes from my front door.