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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Results are In! Clam Race 2014

 Here's a shot of Brian, our resident Clamologist, with the official measuring device, about to start wheeling the track left in the lake bottom by Clam #61, "Bing-clam-ton", the entry of 6 month old Henry Button (from Binghamton, NY)

It was a very small clam, for a very small person...    But FAST!

Quite a crowd came to join us on Clover cottage dock for the official Measuring. Including Napster, who got Sarah to ensure that he could get close to the action without getting his fur damp.  Oh, yes, we had people there too!

This is a close up of the measuring device -- carefully engineered by Brian many years back, and (because it is a Canadian Race) crafted from an old hockey stick, eh?  It is important not to place the clams too deeply in the water, because if they run straight, it can be challenging to get to the final point of the run.  It doesn't matter which way they run -- some run in circles, some run into each other. Tracking them is an art and a challenge.  Some simply dig deep into the sand and vanish from our view.  Like Sarah's entry, "My Darling Clamantine."  We sang her the second line of the song "You are lost and gone forever"... It seemed apt.

Running into the Silver Medal position we had two clams in a dead heat at 6'.  Digger, the entry of 2 year old Andrew Martins; and Chris Clamfield, the entry of Vivian Welsby.  The race this year belonged to the young!

Into the bronze medal position, Mike Slattery's entry, The Aga Clam, was closing fast on the competition at 5'10.

We always caution our guests that the Race course is carefully patrolled by the mallards, and people must be sure not to go into the water until the race measurements are completed.  Some of them don't believe us, but here's a shot of one of the Race Stewards checking up on Brian.

Brian's clam "ThermodyCLAMic ran into 15th place.  Other notable efforts were turned in by Shellfire, Coquille Monster, Master and Clamander, Blonde Clambition...  and in 4th place, the entry of the MUSKOKA MUSIC MEN, Wild Racing Clam.

We also learned that soaking the clam in a mix of water and Red Bull did nothing to enhance performance, since the clam didn't leave the start line (might have wings, but apparently did not have feet... or in the case of a clam, foot)  So let that be a lesson to you John Watt...   Stick to the old training methods, when you used to jog across the lawn carrying the clam in a small bucket to get it used to speed...

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  1. I'm sure Napster appreciated not being released into the water!