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Friday, December 11, 2009


When the comment was made that we needed snow, that we wanted snow, that we were all up here in the northern lands waiting for the snow, what we did not expect was that it would all arrive in one day.

50 cm of snow translates to snow that is deeper than my winter boots. Deeper than the small snowblower (but thankfully not Brian's BIG snowblower!) Deeper than a pony's tummy...

It looks lovely. Provided you can pause in the shovelling long enough to admire it.

The birds were grateful that the feeders were loaded with sunflower seeds and suet. And while Squeegee did express his thanks that the hay floating on top of the snow was high enough that he didn't need to stretch his neck, there was some grumbling heard when he discovered that the same snow almost kept his little hooves off the ground beneath. He's okay as long as he trails along after the big horses and lets them break trail...

It's a lot of snow to get all at once, and they tell us it's not over yet (although Nancy really hopes there will be a lull, since she must drive to the city Saturday morning!) There were a lot of road closures this morning up here, Huntsville declared a Snow Emergency (we didn't get the army, however...!)

So, for all of you dreaming of a White Christmas... IT'S HERE!

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  1. OMG that is so much snow I would love to be there right now!! you guys are so lucky!!
    -i<3 snow