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Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting the Drift

The deer point out that at least Squeegee gets to go inside at night... they on the other pointed hoof must sleep outside in all weather. This snowfall has left them high-stepping and bounding to get through the snow that all of a sudden is up to the fawn's bellies. Those long slender legs sink into that pristine fluffy white stuff, and getting around is hard. They are grateful to Brian for not only plowing out driveways, but grooming ski trails through the bush. The deer use these trails as highways. Skiers can follow their tracks, and find under the shelter of the trees where the deer have created their own tramped down 'pathways' (called runs). Later in the winter the wolves will also take advantage of packed trails to ease their travel. These really are multi-use trails!

While the depth of the snow can be a challenge, keeping warm is not such an issue. Deer have long winter coats, and each hair is hollow, providing them with fantastic thermal blankets. They are so well insulated, in fact, that the snow landing on them often doesn't melt because not enough body heat escapes that far. Snow itself can be a wonderful insulation for those with coats like this who can hunker down in it for a nap.

On the whole, the deer would doubtless prefer that it remained snowless, with lots of grass and tree buds to eat, and nothing to impede their graceful progress. At least this one looks suitable 'put out' to find herself up to her eyeballs in a good old-fashioned Muskoka winter!


  1. Hey! Those dear are so cute! where in Bondi did you get that picture!

  2. You know, I was worried about them, Nancy. Glad you posted this. I shall link to it!

  3. You are a treasure trove of wildlife knowledge, my dear! The snow doesn't melt on them, wow! Here we had a dusting, but again it didn't stick.

  4. Very good web log Nancy. Your journalism background paid off eh!

    I voted but you came in twelve so close. I really liked your post of the old photos. I would love to restore some of them. This is what I've been busy with here with both my own private collections as well as for the Burlington Historical Society. Makes me feel so young to belong to this group 'cause like they are all really old. Anyway restored a picture of two lake boats with the portage flyer from a copy neg I took many years ago at Bondi. Came out great. I think I sent a copy to Brian. If not I will resend if you like. Not sure who took the picture but came from one of your dad's albums.

    Anyway you have way too much snow. We have some here at the office in Mississauga and none in Burlington.
    Brrrrr but hey at least you get real snow up there not the "we are in denial of winter, brown slushy stuff for Toronto.

    Cheers for now.

    David Craig

  5. Jamie, the snowy faced deer was at the old barn... the pair are standing by Cedars cottage, and the one peeking over her mom's back was up at the stable.