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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Timing is Everything

Back in August, we found a small tear in the roof of the Cover-All indoor riding arena. This set into motion a whole string of events that happen out of sight, but which culminate in a new roof being installed on that building. That's a BIG building... that's a BIG roof... You'd think you'd need a BIG crew to work on the repair. But all you really need is a Crew of Two.

Hubert and Serge rolled in this week, just the two of them. They have this down to a fine science... the only small glitch came when they were removing the old roof. With all the tie-downs released, they stopped for a well-earned lunch. A gust of wind picked up the cover, and just like that the roof was essentially removed. It was quick... and it's the reason you never pause for anything else when the new roof is being put up! It's also why you don't try to work on these if there's much wind!

It's an astonishingly fast process, once it gets going. Preparation is the key. They spent a lot of time getting the new fabric organized, but once it started to go up, it was all over before I could get there with the camera. These guys are speedy!

Their timing was fabulous, as well. The following morning, when they returned to finish up the details and clean up the worksite, the arena was coated with snow. In fact, at times the snow was so thick you could hardly see through it. That would have prevented them from getting the work done at all! In fact, the snow made it hard to gather up and remove the old fabric -- which wanted to just sail away in the wind. The men just kept smiling throughout -- they know what they're doing -- and before long, it was all done. The arena is as good as new, clean and tidy. Everything is put away.
Thanks, Leisure Farms, for your attention to this, and for sending us such a great Crew of Two. And thanks to Cover-All for such a great structure, and for working with us so co-operatively to get this repaired.

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  1. Too few people speak up at a job well done, only becoming vocal when they have a complaint. Good for you!