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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Banff Mountain Films, and a birthday bash.

Yesterday we headed out to catch the Banff Mountain Film Festival at the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville. If you've never caught this World Tour of short films from the festival, you should take a peek around, see where it's playing, and go. Really. You should. It's amazing.
There was a touch of humour as we were en route -- one of Dave's friends texted him, the usual, "what are you doing?"
"Going to the Banff Mountain Film Festival," he replied.
"NOW? How long a drive is that????"

Lucky for us, the World Tour brings the films to Huntsville, and we're not still slogging through Saskatchewan on the way to the Banff centre... What a wonderful assortment of films were on view, from cross country skiers gone crazy, white water kayaking in some previously un-run African rivers, a song project in Tibet, a free climber who scurried up Yosemite's Half Dome in a couple of hours, with no break for lunch; to David's fav... the mountain bikers who from all appearances have a serious death wish. These lads do things on their mountain bikes that I didn't think were within the laws of physics... (maybe I missed that class...) And who can but smile when watching Dom Gill, on his quest to cycle 32,000 km. from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on a tandem bike, picking up hitchhikers as he pedals...
So here's a resounding Thank You to Algonquin Outfitters and the host of sponsors who helped to bring this show to town. AO has been hosting the Festival here for years. Lots of years. In fact, I believe this is the year that AO turns 50. That's a lot of years spent outfitting folks for the great outdoors, and nobody does it better than AO. Their canoe store is located just down the road from us, at Oxtongue Lake, and Bikes and Boards is also nearby, at Huntsville. We often joke with our guests, as they head off to see what camping and outdoor equipment is on offer at the Oxtongue Lake store that these guys have EVERYTHING... including the penknife that unfolds into a log cabin. That might be an exageration (maybe it only unfolds into a tent, who knows?) but what is true is that if you need gear for the great outdoors, these folks have it.
AO also hosts the Winter Assembly. This year, it's their 16th Annual assembly, and it's on February 20. If you needed that little extra nudge to bring you out of the city for a weekend, this could be it. Family-oriented and fun, it's got free lessons and equipment try-outs, snowshoe races and hikes, dogsled rides and a storewide sale.

So here's to you Algonquin Outfitters! We're thrilled you're our neighbours. Happy Birthday! Rock on!

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  1. Nancy, glad that you have enjoyed the Banff Mountain Film Festival over the many years that we have hosted it. It's always a pleasure to bring it to Huntsville. Gord (our organizer for the event) loves to hear all the great feed back that everyone provides.

    As for our 50th year, yep your right, AO's been around for 50 years now. And I think your the very first person to wish us a happy 50th birthday. (so to speak) we don't feel a day over 30 though.. lol.

    So let's get out there and enjoy life and all the activities it provides.. especially at the winter fun day on Feb 20th.!