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Monday, January 25, 2010

January Thaw, Short and almost Sweet

The January thaw arrived late on Sunday. It brought with it rain, which is not fun, because it turns the ski and snowmobile trails into a slushy mess, soaks coats and mittens, and puts down a wicked sheen of ice where you'd like to walk. The good news was that the thaw seemed short lived -- by afternoon today it had turned back into snow. After all, winter is just way more fun when you can get out and play with it!

On the up-side, it watered up the lakes, which will now freeze harder, and better, and it will probably have provided almost limitless skating opportunities. It's all about choice -- and we choose to see the good in the mild bout of thaw, and there was very little complaint heard...

Not from the squirrel, who has long ago figured out how to by-pass the security systems for the Squirrel-Proof feeder... and not from the deer, who rely on those thick long coats to keep the water on the surface and not let them get drenched down to their skin.

And not from our guests! They arrived in the midst of the rain -- the Over-the-Hill Gang, here for their annual getaway. "We don't care if it rains," Barb told me, "we're just delighted to be here, and all together!"
Which backs up our theory that a bad weather day here is better than a good weather day in the city.
We've still got plenty of snow on the ground, and more on the way all week -- the winter conditions should be good after today, trails open again, and a whole lot of winter to celebrate!div>

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