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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Very very Classic

The Classic divison of the Ontario Winter Games Nordic Ski Races ran today at Arrowhead Provincial Park. Conditions were excellent -- very fast -- over tracks that had been meticulously prepared by the trail-team of Jason, Ian and Jason, who had been at it late into the previous night and again this morning.

The wax crews were hard at work, putting meticulous finishes on the skis to give the athletes the best possible chance.

There were even signs posted to ensure the athletes had up to the minute information on conditions and recommended wax for the skis.
Waxless skis, with rough "fish scales" under the foot aren't favoured by racers. To achieve the fastest glide and the best kick, you need to understand the science of snow, and the physics of the ski, and how wax works.

The competitors and their support crews weren't the only folks there -- quite a lot of specators were out enjoying the day. Mike, Scott and Jodi from the Organizing Committee for the Ontario Winter Games were on hand at the finish to cheer the athletes, all of them sporting "correctly tied" scarves.

The classic race is marked by a mass start - that kept the start team busy to ensure that each competitor was at the correct marker point at the seven lane start. Shortly after the start, these lanes converge to two, and stay that way for the duration of the race. Which was 7.5 km for the Juvenile Section (ages 14 & 15), and 10 km. for the rest. Given the hills at Arrowhead, those are long kilometres, no matter how you kick the skis.
Often sport is it's own reward, and there are personal bests, small triumphs and tragedies that go hand in hand with any competition -- a broken ski, a lost pole, a fall on the hill... but there is a victory in crossing the finish line all the same. And at the end of the day, when all the scores were tallied, for those upon who's stars converged, who were able to pull together on that day the best physical performance, strategy, and heart, there were medals. The medals for the Ontario Winter Games in Muskoka are beautiful things, indeed.
It was an excellent day, even though those of us at the finish line were kept scrambling with the close finishes! It was a wonderful way to showcase Arrowhead Provincial Park, too!

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