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Friday, May 6, 2011

From Skis to Suckers, Mike's Back!

Mike spent the winter 'hanging out' in B.C., working at Grouse, weekending at Whistler, generally logging time on skiis. Double Black Diamond? He laughs at that.

Looking to continue the thrill ride, he's back with the BMD (Bondi Maintenance Dept.) again this summer, and we're delighted.

Birthday presents this year included quite a collection of fishing tackle and lures, so we suspect he's going to swap skis for fishing rods for the summer.

Last night, the BMD took a jaunt to check out some of the local streams where the smelt run is currently underway.  Smelt, we are told, run in the spring until the buds on the poplars are as big as a chipmunk's ear.

We checked... seemed to be safe enough, although they're getting close in size. 

Armed with a large net and a big flashlight, off they went.  The first stream yielded only a few smelt working their way upstream. Not enough to be exciting...  Off to the second stream -- where they struck it big.  The smelt were streaming upstream, so to speak.  They scooped up a netful, but when confronted with the reality of coming home late and having to clean the fish, they let them go again.

Mike spotted several large fish, lazily hanging in the current.  He bent down and scooped one up... Fishing with bare hands. Look Ma, No Bait!

He had landed a white sucker, probably weighing about four or five pounds. "What is this?" he asked, unfamiliar with the large fish that likes to hang out along the bottom of the lakes and streams, sort of vacuuming up food through it's big pouty lips.

"Bugle mouth bass" Brian replied, without missing a beat.  This fish, too, was returned to the stream.

A good night fishing. A better night live-releasing.

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