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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fort Wood

 17,000 pounds.  Brian worked it out. That's how much wood they moved in just one day. That includes lifting the blocks into the wood splitter, lifting the split wood into the truck, and then lifting -- yet again -- the wood onto the woodpiles.  Brian is very grateful that he has an automated splitter, and no longer has to swing that axe again and again and again. Those were the days -- days of repetitive joint strain and exhaustion, we suspect...
That old saying "Wood Warms You Three Times" seems to have come home to roost. It warms you when you cut it, whe you split it, and when you burn it...  We're two out of three!  Of course, before we can burn it, the wood must season and dry. Burning green wood is not a productive enterprise.

The piling of wood to dry began to bore the lads of the BMD (Bondi Maintenance Dept.), those endless long lines... all much of a oneness.  Fort Wood was born!  It's got doorways, windows, and we are told it will soon have turrets.  It also has a flag.  And it is a landmark if you are flying in a plane. It's big. It's creative, it's fun. It's a lot of wood...
There's a lot more wood to come out of our managed forests. We heat the main office and Lodge with a hot water boiler system that runs on wood.  It is backed up by solar heating systems, but in winter, on snowy days, it's the wood that warms.

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