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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Completing the Look

Following my eye surgery, the vision in my left eye is still -- because I am looking at life through a bubble of gas -- blurry, unfocused, generally distracting.

To help with this, since I find I start to get headaches in my "good eye", I occasionally have donned pirate attire, complete with eye patch.  While I'd prefer to be channeling Capt. Jack Sparrow, I don't have the hat or the eyeliner for that look.

But a pirate with a patch needs, for the look to be complete, a parrot on the shoulder, would you not agree?  Here in Muskoka, parrots can be hard to come by.

Today, at the Fundraiser in Port Carling for A Wing and a Prayer (where, as an aside, Napster's art on offer raised $170.00, in addition to the $1000 he has collecte this year for his fav charity) Barb and I were lucky enough to be sitting next to Dale and Jody Gienow. These are the fine folks who run the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. If you've never dropped in on your way north, you really should take the time.  It's quite magical -- their son, North, grew up waking up in the morning, sticking his head out the window to howl with their wolves, then kissing the resident moose on the nose. What a wonderful start to anybody's day!

Bondi Village is proud to sponsor Woodrow, one of the beaver's living at MWC. Woody is a star -- he has been in movies: White Tuft the Little Beaver.  He has been the Canadian ambassador at the Vancouver Olympics -- where he got to ride in a bobsled. Jody shared with us today that while in Whistler, they stayed in a condo where Woody would climb the stairs for a swim in the tub, then come back downstairs to rearrange all the kindling and wood at the fireplace.

At the Fundraiser, MWC had brought several animals, including Sir Hiss the Gartersnake, and Punk, the kestrel (now 13 unbelievable years old) with attitude. Petunia the baby skunk, and a very very young baby opossum helped round out the lineup.

Dale and Jody were kind enough to help me complete my Pirate Look...  With a little assistance from Barfolomew, the Turkey Vulture.  He is a gentle, serious soul, who takes life quite seriously and is easily alarmed.  It was an honour to have him complete my pirate 'look.' 

Way cooler than a common or garden variety parrot, don't you think???

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