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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Creeping across the Bay

 Look outside.  You can see Winter coming.  Not just when it's an amazing go-back-inside-by-the-fire blizzard Winter Coming, but on days like this, that are sunny and still. You can see Winter creeping across the surface of the lake.

It's beautiful to watch.  Yeah, yeah, we know it is cold outside. That is why as a species we have invented such fantastic outdoor clothing.  Go buy some.   After all, you really don't want to miss this!

Snow makes everything so sparkly and clean and fresh. This is Wheelhouse cottage. Two bedrooms. Fireplace. Ski and snowshoe directly from your doorstep... It is about the only cottage we still have available over Christmas.  We've got families coming to experience a Muskoka winter from California, and Argentina...  as well as closer to home.  We can hardly wait to welcome them here!  With any luck, that lake will be sporting a lovely rink for them, to go along with the ski/snowshoe trails, the toboggan hills, and the  deer tracing their tracks through the snow.

Setting Trail

 How beautiful is this?   David and Brian were out today packing in the ski trails to set the base.   There was enough snow that it was a tricky task.

For those who don't ski, but snowmobile, the local Algonquin Snowmobile Club has been out doing the exact same thing, getting that network of trails into shape as well.   There is a lot of 'behind the scenes' work that goes into trails!   Dave and Megan have already been out before the snowfall hiking these trails, with a chainsaw, to clear away fallen trees.

Once the trails are packed in, then we can start to groom them, and finally set the track.   For now, though, it's good to just get through the deep snow and start the pack!

The intrepid trail setters took a quick rest break at their Hunt Camp, Hawkeye.  It doesn't look like they sat on the lawn chairs, though!

They did admire the view out over Hawk's Lake, however.  It is starting to freeze over.  Or, as one of our friends said once, when asked about the ice conditions, 'it's white all the way'.  Which does not mean you could go out on it, I hasten to add.

At the end of River Loop, one finds the River. Imagine that...    Because of the current, the river will be the last thing to freeze over, and even then won't be safe ice.  But it certainly sets off the snow on the trees, and the colour in the clouds here!

In fact, this is our pick out today of the photos, the one voted Most Likely to be a Christmas card.

Thanks for taking these photos for me, David!

Winter Happens Fast

Wham. We got hit by a major snowstorm!  Nothing compared to the Lake effect that swamped poor old Buffalo, but plenty of snow, and all at once!   It kept storming for a few days.  Roads were closed -- the first time I remember Hwy 60 EVER being closed, and it was shut down from Whitney to Huntsville because of road conditions -- so we just hunkered down.  Brian moved it when he could, but mostly, it isn't productive to plow while the snow is still driving in!    Sure does look pretty out there, though...

The depth of snow took one of the chickens by surprise. She thought (boldly and without considering the consequences) that she could fly across to the outdoor summer coop.  She got about half way before landing. The snow was too deep -- she could neither get her wings down, or touch her toes to the ground.  Luckily, I came by before it got dark, and scooped her up. The snow was over my high boots though! She's fine, and happy to be back in the warm stable!

Taffy on the other hand, relished the snow, and considered (briefly) trying out for the Iditarod.

The hens and I consider the options after I opened the stable door.  They birds opted to just stay inside.  I opted to get the snowblower...

For a few moments, I thought we might just loose Squeegee as he bravely set off through snow that was well over his tummy, but he was undaunted. Although we're pretty sure we heard him muttering under his breath.

This was the depth in an area where it was protected from the wind and had not drifted.  Conditions, as they like to say, may vary from this... And did.

We're blessed to have Brian and David and the big machinery to help with moving snow.  It wasn't long before they had the driveways and walkways all clear again!

And of course, there is nothing like fresh snow to set off the Christmas lights that are going up these days!

After being outside in the wind, and shovelling and snowblowing, it's nice to be able to come in to a warm cosy house.  It's no surprise our guests love the fireplaces in our cottages!

And, when the weather shuts the roads, and briefly shuts off the hydro, and the world goes white and quiet, there's nothing else, really, but to consider the advantages of a nice guilt-free afternoon nap...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Day

 It's Taffy's Birthday (well, November 15th, but we didn't make it to the Blog, we were too busy celebrating.)

Not many people know that her full name is Torbec Bondi True North.  A suprising number of people know her by Taffy...  When you are a resort dog, you get to meet a LOT of people...  She is well named, though, as she has in her own way been my compass for the past four years and is not only very sweet, but likes to stick close to my side...

So here I am to say thanks to this counter-surfing, garbage-investigating, bed-hogging dog who has made sure that my house never feels empty, and who is my shadow whatever I am doing, and who makes sure I am up every morning (often earlier than I would prefer) and out that door...

Thanks Taffy, for bringing so much joy... You are now FOUR, and therefore should be past that stage of jumping up (but are not), but you are a joy.

Here is a collection of some of my favourite pictures.  Hopefully they will bring smiles to all of you, too!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Princesses come to Bondi... All of 'em...

We hosted a large group of princesses this weekend.  Disney princesses, that is...

When Ruth Allum comes with her Gals' Getaway for Oakhurst Farm in Ashton, the action never stops. She's one of the most creative event planners we know, and her ladies are kept busy and laughing throughout.  The weekend started early, with massages provided on site by the Organic Boutique Spa . (They are returning on Sunday morning to lead the ladies through some yoga, too!)  In between, there are scheduled shopping trips to local stores to top up their Christmas lists, and a scavenger hunt that must be completed prior to arrival -- and which often involves photos of the team members with the scavenger hunt item
that they have rustled up.

This year's theme was the Disney Princesses.  And they didn't disappoint.  We kept finding these famous characters scattered about the place.   And if you've missed any of the Disney princess movies, this would have been the perfect
chance to catch up, since Ruth had ALL the movies running in a Princess Marathon.  It went well with the bling and the tiaras.

We met up with Cinderella at the entrance, with the pinata.

Snow White was chilling in the living room, by the fire, enjoying the view to the lake.  Probably nicer than the view from her drafty castle with Prince Charming...

Pocohontas showed up in the kitchen, helping Ruth get the snacks ready.

Aurora, complete with her shiny red apples, met us in the foyer.

And even Malificient got to make an appearance, although, as was pointed out she is NOT an official Disney princess. Far from it... None the less, she had the best hair!!!

Merida was hanging out with Cinderella by the stairs... While Ariel and her team-mates posed for us by the library!

 Even a Princess needs to get outside for some air and exercise -- the tiara went to the Mountain Lookout.  (and what Disney movie is complete without a great dog, or horse, or other critter??? Taffy came along to represent the Disney animals)

 The girls had fully mastered the official "Disney Point", as well.

This group knows how to make their own cheer and have a whale of a time together.  There are team competitions involving quizzes, board games, and crafts, and the place rings with laughter while they are here.

So here is OUR shout out cheer to the Gals from Oakhurst Farm! You rock, one and all!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beaks at Feeders

Look who's back!!!! The evening grosbeaks winged into town this week. They take over the feeder... and those lads can certainly shovel in the sunflower seeds!

But how handsome they are!  What a joy to have visiting.

The bluejay is a bit put out -- he's had pretty much 'free rein' (except for being booted out of the feeder by the squirrel. that's another story) until the grosbeaks came.  Mrs. Grosbeak is waiting her turn with uncustomary patience.

The woodpecker doesn't care. He's got first dibs on the suet feeder...

And then there is this lot... who are wandering about in the half-flooded pasture and hiking across the lawns - at least until Taffy spots them.