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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mergansers come to call

When Momma Merganser takes the kids out for a swim, she has quite a crowd!
The term for collection is a raft - very apt.
She seems to have a large crowd of kids in tow... mergansers often lay eggs in other people's nests, so they may not all be hers.  But she'll do her best with them!

Monday, July 16, 2018


We are thrilled to see so many monarch butterflies this summer, and now caterpillars!  It has been a long time building up the numbers -- keep that milkweed in the gardens, and lay off the pesticides!

Stuart's Flotilla

Every year Stu and Melo get in their "floatties" and drift around the lake. It's how we define summer.

This year, the whole clan joined in!


Michael felt the need to get off the beach... so he ran in the Gravenhurst marathon on the weekend... Came third. Impressed the grandkids... and got back to chilling in the lake!!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Another Generation

Bondi Village Resort
Published by Nancy TapleyYesterday at 7:45 AM
Making friends. The Williams family have been coming to Bondi for 57 years. Now a new generation are making friends. Piper was excited to meet Hunter. So we're welcoming the next Bondi babies... ❤️

Snake not in the grass

Found this amazing snakeskin by the stable... even the eye lens' are intact.  Amazing how snakes do this.  Somewhere there's a very spiffy garter snake, with brand new skin!

Yup. Weve got it sorted...

Bondi Village Resort
Published by Nancy TapleyJuly 7 at 10:34 PM
So much new life this time of year. Driving to Dorset I saw a mink shepherding her sinuous and unwieldy little ones across the road. Then I had to stop for a doe,all grace, and her fawn on disorganized legs--eyes full of wonder. Here at home, we've got our ducks in a row...

Flight school

And two pairs are nesting again!!!!

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Published by Nancy TapleyJune 29 at 9:54 PM
Nancy Tapley
Out of the nest and into the sky. A little shaky in the steering department but the spirit is strong

June 27, our last rainy day

Nancy Tapley
Rainy day pony rides! Rowan and Tova-Elise are here from Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ  ! and we finally got to play in the arena!