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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Fuel, Fun and Spring Sun

You have until April 19 -- that's not so far away now! -- to book accommodation with us for two nights or more between April 20 and June 23rd, and you can register for the Explorers' Edge Fuel and Fun promotion.

That is a sweet deal that gets you coupons worth $50 in gas, and $50 towards local attractions. Including restaurants. And golf courses.  In May and June you can play on the legendary Bigwin Island golf course, which is closed to non-members during July and August.  And that's just one instance where you can rock out the Spring Sunshine!

Moose are afoot in the Park, making the drive a real opportunity to spot these huge creatures as they come to the road edge after a long winter looking for the brackish salty water and vegetation that they've been missing all winter.

And, with our toboggan hill facing north and tucked in the trees, there's a great chance that at least through April there will be some good sliding still for the kids -- on t-shirt days! How cool is that?

Shadow Dance

 Spring sunshine just somehow pulls you out of the house.

Taffy and I wandered along the shoreline yesterday, watching the sunset cast long shadows across Bondi Bay.

Today we were out earlier, exploring our way through the sugarbush, where the shadows were magnificent, creating their own works of art on the snow.

Season's Over, New Season starts

 Fish huts up here have to be off the ice by the end of March.

The BMD (Bondi Maintenance Dept. ) (Brian Mike and Dave) took care of that a few days ago, seizing a lovely mild day for the occasion.

The huts get tucked away in a safe spot, out of the way, where they can be spruced up for the next Ice Fishing season.

There's still almost a metre of ice on the lakes, though.  We're still waiting for those days when you can skate anywhere -- which, given the current melt, might be very soon!

This old photo, from 1979 *(Dec. 27, in fact) shows the kind of ice conditions we haven't seen yet this year.  This is one of our 'Bondi' families -- Henry and Corrie Schogt and their children Phil, Barbara and Elida, coming back from the Island on old-fashioned Dutch long-skates.

We may yet see some ice like this before it all melts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Snow

 Woot! Winter came back for a visit!  Yesterday we had what is best described as sporadic episodes of severe weather.

In between, 'twas just fine, thanks.

But when she snowed, she well and truly snowed!   Jacquie was here helping me with an event being hosted later in the spring by the Heritage Committee -- she's one of the geniuses (genii?)  who does the bulk of the research for the Historic Walking Tours our Committee has produced.    She showed off one of her best yoga poses, 'giving Winter the boot.'

There were a few moments when visibility became, well, in a nutshell, less than visible.

Roads were closed.

Poodles slowly vanished under the falling snow...

Brian had made a trip to town for me with the truck to pick up some items for the barn.  Thanks for that! The roads weren't stellar.

He and Taffy discussed the problems with poor traction on turns...  and reassured each other that Spring really is almost close enough to touch.

Although it is hard to concentrate on anything when you are both in the process of becoming one with the snowdrift.

The snowstorm of course didn't last long.  And the evening gave way to a sunset in pastels.

And one more thing, lest we all begin to feel that this winter is unusual, that this winter will never leave, that this winter has uniquely out-stayed its welcome... this photo is from March 20, 2013.  Last year. Right about this time.

Spring has arrived. She's just still unpacking her bags...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring -- under construction


 The first day of Spring (officially) sent us back to double check the calendar, since it arrived with this driving blizzard.

Things improved on Day Two. Glorious sunshine and a walk in the woods -- perfect!

We had guests today enjoying our ski trails.  Right now, we would say that conditions for Snowshoeing and Hiking (on the packed trails!) are
absolutely perfect. 

Wood Warms you Over and Over

 Spring days are the best time to get logs out of the woods and ready the firewood for next year.  The snow prevents damage to the forest floor, and lets the logs slide more easily.

Dave is in the driver's seat this time. That's the same bulldozer his grandpa Paul used to drive.  The one his Dad, Brian, learned to drive when he was thirteen...    Old machinery seems to be a tradition with us!

Brian was taking a break while waiting for Dave to deliver the next log.

 Mike showed us just how deep the snow is when you get off a packed trail!  Definitely still time for snowshoes.

Taffy was wondering if she should throw him a life-rope...

 It was a glorious day to be out of doors. But then, almost every day is a glorious day to be out of doors!

The Bondi Maintenance Dept. confer on their next move...

While Brian makes the sawdust fly sectioning the logs.  Wood warms you so many times. When it is cut. When it is split. When it is piled. When it is moved. and Finally... when it is burned next winter after it has dried and aged!

Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Back!!

One of Explorers' Edge most popular promotions is Back! And so is the Sunshine.

Book a minimum of 2 consecutive nights at a participating accommodation before April 19 for stay in the Explorers’ Edge region between April 20 and June 23, 2014 and you can then register to receive 1 of 500 Fuel & Fun packages containing a $50 gas card and $50 in cash vouchers to spend at participating attractions, restaurants and shops throughout the region during that period.

To register, you’ll need the name of the accommodations provider, the dates of your stay and your reservation confirmation #.

Come on up. Moose are moving in the Park, and you should be too! Call us for details or to book your stay.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Splash of Colour

So bright!  Ellie and her grandma Audrey enjoy some Pony Time with Squeegee
While later, Ellie and brother Grant brightened up the toboggan hill with their dad Brent.

Deer going Out for Lunch

 The deer have beaten down trails through the woods, as they do each winter to make moving through the snow easier.

They have also been chowing down on any browse within reach.  You can clearly see in this photo how they have nipped off ALL the buds and ends of branches within their reach.  They will be looking forward to Spring and a more varied menu. And the trees, too, will be breathing a sigh of relief. Although such heavy browsing does slow them down.

Big Bird

 They went 'that-a-way', says Taffy.

Big bird feet.

These either belong to the local wild turkey flock, or Kevin (from the Movie UP) has moved into the area.

Spring Visitors

 Well, looky...

A flying squirrel ventured into my proch yesterday, merrily scarffing down the bird seed in the saucepan, and helping himself to the oats and corn that are stored there for the deer.

These are the most beautiful of the squirrels, tiny with such enormous eyes.

Seeing them out and about is also a sign that Spring has made inroads, since we rarely see them during the worst of the winter when, clever little darlings, they hole up in warm snuggly places and snooze away the cold.

Another visitor who indicates that Spring is springing (albeit slowly) is the chipmunk.  Who turned up at the feeder today.

And on our walk today, we found the tracks of raccoons...

When these little friends show up in the neighbourhood, it is proof positive that Winter has lost its grip.

Flying Low

 Here are some more photos of our guest Brent enjoying his kite-board out on Bondi Bay.

That's his daughter Ellie on the toboggan, trying to keep him grounded.

What an amazing sport this is!

It just looks it is so much fun (and not far to fall!)

I'm surprised more people don't give it a try!

Luring the Fish

 Mike and Dave have been enjoying some time out at their fish hut.  It's mild enough out there now that they don't spend all that much time IN the hut -- rather they have a couple of holes outside, where they can enjoy watching the deer cross the lake.

And hope to enjoy a fish swimming by.

"There's one," says Taffy... "I'm pretty sure I can see it down there."

Making Snowdog Angels

 hmmmm.....  back from our walk and still looking for something fun to do....
 How about we make Snowdog Angels???

Roll to the right...
 Roll to the left...

Get up carefully so as not to wreck the pattern...

Yup... I did good...

Dwight Garden Centre

 If you are in the area these days -- and there is no reason not to be here, the winter sports and still superb and the weather is far more congenial! -- then be sure to stop into the Dwight Garden Centre.

Not for flowers... not just yet...

But Linda has a BIG sale on throughout the store, items marked down as much as 60%.

It makes for a great destination for those interested in funky and off-beat items for the home or cottage.

I was in picking up feed for the chickens, and suet for the birds, and got side-lined poking through the braided rugs, at 50% off...

And the fur hats from Quebec.

And just about everything else.

So, since every cloud DOES have a Silver Lining, pencil this in on your places to visit, and don't be shy about coming to North Muskoka in late March!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Although May seems 'yonks away', the fact is that it is just lurking around the edge of April.

May 24th is the annual SPIN THE LAKES cycle tour. Not a race, this is a great ride for families -- there are different distances for different ambitions, and the route is glorious.

Registration has just opened. This is a trek that fills up quickly, so if you're thinking of it, slap it on the calendar and get that registration filled in.

Oh, one more thing... make a real weekend out of this -- come stay with us. That's the traditional weekend to be 'first one in the lake', if you get all hot and sweaty on the bikes...