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Come on into our Blog for a look at the wonderful world we've got to share! With over 240 hectares (600 acres) of wilderness woodlands surrounding the resort, just ten minutes from Algonquin Park, we feature over 400 metres (1200’) of waterfront and beach; boat rentals; summer hiking trails winding through fields and woods; 20 km. of groomed cross country ski trails and snowshoeing in winter; access to nearby snowmobile trails for sledders, and a toboggan hill for the young at heart.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Chicken Whispering

The Chicken Whisperers!

Madison, Emma and John spent some 'quality time' with the Bobs this week.

New shoes!

What's a gal to do when she needs new shoes?  Well, for our mare Abby, she whistles up her farrier, and gets a pair carefully custom made.

This is an interesting experience for our guests, many have never watched a farrier at work.  The forge was a fascination.  And two little girls went home clutching the old shoes, all scrubbed clean and ready to be decorated and hung up for luck.

Warmer in the Water!

 The early morning was chilly (it did warm up during the day, and all the kids were back at the beach!)  but the water was 71 degrees F, 22 C, so very enticing for our guests who came out for the Marathon Swim.

Everyone had a different style for getting OFF the dock and into the water!  From classic dives, to cannonballs, to Tyanne and Isla just sort of 'stepping in'. 

Tyanne was our youngest, and looked really strong on this 1 km. swim!

Katy was probably the fastest... but speed isn't everything -- Brian and Tom spent a leisurely time dog paddling along, chatting and catching up.

We were treated to a 'fly past' from a pair of float planes, too.  Makes a change from being joined by the loon!

Taffy was kept busy -- on the Swim to the Point and Back, it isn't unusual to have swimmers headed in both directions, depending on how fast they are in the water.  There's a lot to keep track of, out there!

Katy, first back on the dock, triumphant!

Brynne and her dad, Tom, congratulating each other

Emily might be little, but she took her job of keeping an eye on Mom and Dad VERY seriously indeed

Mist, Bonfires, S'Mores and a Whole New Game

Brian brandishes his carving knife as he divides the watermelon on the Cookout beach last Tuesday.

While the event started with some drizzle, so the bbq was held in the big Rec Barn, the weather cleared so that we were able to head to the beach for a bonfire, watermelon, s'mores, and of course, the popcorn kernel spitting contest.

This was new territory to our guest, Bart, visiting us from Orleans, France.  He showed a wonderful natural aptitude!

He and his wife Anne were also introduced to their first s'mores -- which will now, we are sure, become part of Orleans cultural cuisine.

Not to be outdone by Dave and Brian's potato cannons, John brought his with him this week, from Ottawa.  This was a 'serious' potato cannon -- and it not only fired a massive potato, it managed to hurl it halfway to the Point!    Ah.... boys, and their toys...

Cheering All the Way

 Bondi Village Resort is cheering for our guest, Rachel Levac, who is setting off bright and early Sunday morning to tackle the Muskoka Ironman race. It's a bloody long way around... 3.2 km. in open water at Deerhurst, then onto the bikes to complete TWO circuits of the Lake of Bays (150 km), and then, for fun, finishing with a 42 km. run through Huntsville.


She's been here all week, training in our bay, and on our roads, and chilling at the cottage in between.

We are a great training base for triathletes competing in various events held in Huntsville -- we've got the terrain!!

You can be in complete control of your schedule -- and your diet plan. (Rachel's been enjoying our free range organic eggs for protein boost!)

We are wishing her the best possible result, in this, her first full Ironman.

Her family is loaded up with cowbells and whistles, and will be out on the course to hoot and holler as she zips past.

Sunday being a busy day at a resort, we may not quite get out there in time to see her go by, but we'll still be cheering, loudly, here at the Resort.

Go get 'em Rachel!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sharing a Moment

 Yes, hummingbirds do take a rest from time to time.

This lovely little lady joined me for morning coffee.  I sipped hot coffee, she sipped some nectar, then we both paused to rest and refresh...

Barn Swallows -- almost time to Go

 The 'littles' are out of the nest.  Last Friday, Mom and Dad Barn Swallow welcomed their five fledglings into the air.

There has been tremendous commotion in the stable, as these tinies figure out how to work those pesky wings.

They come to rest on the extension cord, on the gate, on the fenceline, while Mom and Dad swoop back and forth feeding and encouraging them.

They are the last of this summer's swallows.  The tree swallows have already gone South, following the insect population.   The other barn swallows, older, stronger, have also begun that dangerous migration.  

Our sky is now limited to the seven members of this wonderful little family, scribing the air, and filling the stable with their cheerful voices.   We look forward to their arrival every Spring -- the swallows are the surest sign of the change of the season.  We don't look forward to their departure. They leave our sky more silent, and that is the harbinger for the cooler weather.

So we're enjoying them while we have them.  All too soon, the stable will be silent, and these little ones will be off on a huge adventure.

Swallows are in a perilous decline, with attack on their habitat, pesticide use and climate change.  It was encouraging this summer that we had three nesting pairs here in July, and that one came back for a second nesting.  We saw seventeen new barn swallows graduate from Flight School -- we hope they live long, and prosper.  And hurry back next April...

Water Lilies

The corners of Bondi bay fill up in summer with waterlilies and lily pads, providing wonderful habitat to the tiny fish and turtles that make their home there.

There is something indomitable about the tall yellow pond lilies, standing up over the lily pads, like sentinels.

One of our guests shared these photos with us -- we think the second one looks like a Monet watercolour!

In the pond, we have a lily of a different type entirely, now in glorious bloom.   Again, the water surface is speckled with water striders, and tiny insects, the shore is home to a myriad of frogs, and yes, there is no doubt a turtle in there too. We know there are creek chub in there.

The lilies offer shelter and shade.  And a feast for the eye as we pass.  Can't ask for more than that!

Lighting up our Lives

Hannah lit up the night on her family's final evening with us.  This family is always so wonderfully creative.  One year they spelled out the word BONDI along the volleyball net with these lights.

This year, they simply illuminated Hannah...



How to spend a summer's day...

Well, you can opt for the minimalist approach, as Kathryn did, just kicking back int he hammock at the main dock.

Or you can go for something more active -- as Sera chose, paddling across the bay.

Or, try both...

And add in a swim...

Start the Day

Misty mornings in August just call out (softly) for a canoe, or a kayak, and an early morning paddle.

Mary and Elizabeth took full advantage, on their last day here this summer.

These are the moments that restore the soul, and recharge the batteries for another year ahead. This is where memories are made.

Starry Nights

We love our Dark Skies...   Wherever possible, we encourage lower wattage, downward directed and shaded lighting.  And this is why...

Brendan set up his tripod and got some wonderful shots from the dock of the Milky Way arching over Anchor.

The Big Dipper hanging over Springside, pointing to the North Star, just visible in the photo at the upper right edge.. You can pick out the Little Dipper too, when you know where to look!

Even the spill of light out of cottage windows lights up the night. Looking straight back at the big front windows of Clover and Nancy's house, the light is washing out over the lawn, but the sky above is still sprinkled with visible stars!  And there is a lovely glow along that Northern horizon that indicates just the faintest of the Aurora Borealis!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Red Letter Day!

This is the first time Brian has been able to get up in the air since his hip replacement back in the Spring.

This is how we know he's feeling so much better!

So, red letter day, all around,.

And the crowd on the dock! When the float plane came out, so did the cameras!   As Gavin shouted to me, "it's a plane on the water!!!"

And a plane in the air!

Big Brother makes a special Gift

Josie had her second birthday just before arriving at Bondi Village for their week.

There's a fantastic cake, crafted by her Mom.

And there's this wonderful paddle, with her initials on it, and lovely big green and red stripes on the handle, that big brother Frederick painted just for her.

He painted one for himself, too.  Mom helped with the dragon, he tells me, but mostly it is his artwork on display.

Pretty darn cool birthday present!


 It is sheer joy to bounce on a water trampoline.

Don't take MY word for it...

Check out the smiles on Nora and Vivian!


Giulia is here from Milan, Italy. Today, in the heat, she spent much of the day at the beach.

Swinging in the shade of the big willow trees there...

Swimming and splashing in the shallow water, or playing in the huge sand pile.

And then, she took the helm with the little kids' paddleboat, and away she went! I love that you can see how shallow the water is here, and how clear too!

Suicide Rock!

Despite the name, I doubt that anyone ever took the plunge here.

It is a municipal trail, located on an old roadway at the end of Fox Point Road (or Ronville Road, depending which end you start at.  You reach it by driving to the end of the Echo Bay Road, off Fox Point, and parking at the turnaround where the sign is located.

It's an easy walk, level, and not very long, and it does offer this great view down the lake!  Along with the occasional raspberry along the way.

Taking a Long Run off a Short Dock

Jamie and Nora tackle the lake in tandem

 Go Jump off a Dock!!!

With weather like this, it's the best way to cool down, and by far the most fun!

I was playing with the 'waterproof' feature of my camera, and while there's some splashes on the lens, I still like the pictures it gave me!   So here is a little sampling.

After all, the lake temperature is nearly 25 C... plenty warm enough for fun, but cool enough to knock back the heatwave!

We still have vacancies, starting this coming weekend, and there's lots of time left to go take a long run off a short dock, so to speak, and in the nicest possible way!  Give us a call, 705 635 2261 and book your summer getaway.  It's good for your soul!
yes, there is a mermaid in there, somewhere!

Vivi walks on water! At least for an instant.

Taffy gets very excited when people start to jump in and make big splashes. "Go Vivi" she seems to shout!

'What are you doing down there???'

Nora flying HIGH!!!!

And Vivian, just as far above the water!