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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Location, location

Beavers don't care much for niceties such as culverts, and road construction.
They build where they feel like building -- where there is flowing water, and tasty poplars to eat.

Up at Damalot, some of the beavers have moved upstream, and that has caused problems. Bigger problems for the beavers, it turns out, but problems all the same. They plugged up the culvert at the Oxtongue Craft Cabin. Now that's a feat, because it was, at least in theory, 'sleeved' with mesh to prevent that very thing from happening.  Beavers don't pay much attention to things like preventive measures, either it seems.

Jim says he's never seen the stream so 'backed up.' He has waterfront property all of a sudden, as the beavers drown the trees to form a pond.  Problem is, the Roads Dept. is not impressed, and is taking rather drastic measures to prevent the beavers from causing the Fox Point Rd. to wash away.

When beavers go head to head with Highways, it usually ends badly. Sometimes for both sides.  It would be nice if there was a way for everyone to co-exist side by side... Jim could have a lake at his doorstep, the beavers could have a pond, the road could continue to carry traffic...

In the meantime, we're just watching the waters rise.  We're also keeping an eye on our "Christmas gift" -- that gorgeous wind sculpture of a blue heron in flight. I've had an acquisitively desirous eye on that since last year, and am a bit surprised that none of you have leapt in to buy it for me. Yet...  I live in hope.
If you're looking for truly unique and beautiful gifts to put under the tree, The Oxtongue Craft Cabin is your place to shop.  

By the way, no need to wrap...  I'll be delighted with the heron 'as is.'  Said she, smiling...

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