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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dogs with Jobs

 It's a tough life, being the Bondi Resort Poodle. There is just so much you have to do during the day, to keep the place running and safely supervised.

Like when Justine came on New Year's Day, with her Mom, to play with Squeegee.  "Whoa!" said Justine... and the pony kept on walking.  Taffy to the rescue -- grab that tail, stop that pony!! (no it doesn't really work, but we haven't been able to explain that to her)

Then the wood pellets we use for bedding the horses arrived, three big pallets, all needing to be moved into their storage area in the stable.  Morgan was staying in Wheelhouse, but happily came by and ofered to help with the move.

"Lift with your knees" was Taffy's advice, and she watched very closely to be sure Morgan had the safe lifting technique mastered.

Cathy pitched in also, while Laurel was riding.  It's important to thank helpers. Taffy took care of that, too.

For Christmas, she got a Biscuit Maker --  essentially a waffle iron for dog cookies.  She was most attentive when Nancy fired it up, to create Bacon and Parmesan treats, complete with egg, flour, milk and bacon bits!  David sampled one, and decided it was more of a Breakfast Biscuit...  Taffy says they are tasty ANY time.

She supervised the bulldozer putting out the hay bales. Escorted guests up the hill to find the toboggan runs and the snowshoe frisbee golf course. Overlooked the shovelling of the lake skating rink.

And when the mercury dipped to 30 below, she kept a close eye on Emmy Lou and Serena as they 'rode' the pony up and down the barn aisle, where it was warm!

It's exhausting, really...

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