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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ice -- got it Covered!

 This is the map of Central Ontario as of yesterday showing the amount of ice cover.

That is Lake of Bays, almost dead centre, that curious Y shape with some extra "arms" (including Bondi Bay!)

That is a lot of ice.  No surprise given the cold weather we've had. We've been listening to the ice make ice for a few weeks already, that curiously ripping rumbling quaking grumble that rolls through the night as the ice builds and presses on the granite shores.  Pretty cool.

When it gets to 30 below and stays there for long enough we get to hear all sorts of Wintry Noises -- the nails pop out of the houses as they contract in the cold.  Sap freezes in the trees and explodes with a rifle shot sound. 

So what to do when you get that much ice?  Why, Ice Fishing of course.

We present Mike's finely designed Fish Hut, NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL through Bondi Village.  Seats 45, comes with a propane heater and a minnow bucket, and there is no extra charge for the view!  Or for the chorus of cold weather snaps and growls in the ice.

1 comment:

  1. Amazing at how quickly the ice has built up.

    I remember seeing the ice huts out on the bay at Dwight. Not being a fisherman, I've never understood the appeal.