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Monday, January 6, 2014

Is an Evolution of a Rink correctly termed a Revolution?

 The rink began with me, and the small snowblower, staggering down the hill to the lake, and moving the main depth of snow off the surface.

Then it was back up the hill to retrieve the snowshovel, which was needed for the fine detailing, also known as moving off all the stuff the snowblower leaves behind.  The ice was so slick that when I set the blower down to the best tightest level for clearing the rink, it could get no traction. We settled on doing the rink in stages.

 Getting that snowblower back UP the hill is the challenge, so Dave and Mike came down to give me a hand. David assumed the Shovel Detail, and Mike took over the snowblower.

Many hands make Rink Work!!!!

 I must say I was delighted to get help.  In a flash freeze just after Christmas, I found myself doing a backward layout down three steps at one of the cottages when within a few minutes the wet doorstep became glare.   The result is me, moving a little more carefully than I'd like to be, and definitely not into the final touch up of lifting snow off the edge of the rink!

The finished product -- with a lovely sunset building behind the trees!

On the way up from the rink, on the shore, I passed this tiny seep -- a miniature spring, where the water never freezes, even in these frigid conditions.  The birds are very grateful. The have swept their wing marks all the way around it!

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