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Friday, February 26, 2016

The Path of the Paddle and the Magic of Stephen Orlando

the song my paddle sings... track of a canoe
This image is the Path of the Paddle. Really.  It is created with lights on a Badger Paddle, while canoeing across an Algonquin Park lake.    Why a Badger paddle? Well, they are made right here in Huntsville, for "people who dig the water".

 And why Algonquin... well... as to that. The canoe defines Canada, as Canada defines the canoe, so where better to showcase the path drawn by a paddle singing through the water than here?
SUP paddlers trace a different rhythm

There are people out there whose creativity takes our breath away.  One such is Stephen Orlando. He is a photographer... which is a bit like saying Michelangelo, yeah, he carves marble, right?

Stephen paints with light, using long exposure photography, LED lights, and the landscape, and he captures and creates images that are magical.

These are just a sample. You can zip over to his website at MotionExposure to learn more about this artist and how he creates his art. As well as checking out the various galleries.   We are so impressed with the canoe and kayak images, often set against the Algonquin landscape. We find them mesmerizing.

And we are delighted to learn that we can check them out this summer at The Oxtongue Craft Cabin
and this is the almost hypnotic rhythm of Taffy's favourite -
the kayak.
and Gallery, just up the road from us on Fox Point Road!